How to Properly Maintain your Manasses Henry Furniture
Because your furniture is made of solid lumber and natural products, it requires special
attention and care to maintain its beauty over time. With time and proper care, today's Manasses Henry Furniture will become even more beautiful and will become your heirloom of tomorrow. To encourage a deep luster, we recommend that two or three times a year to oil your furniture with Manasses Henry Furniture Lemon Oil & Beeswax or our Amish Wood Wax. You will be surprised how easily the wax goes on and how quickly the finish begins to radiate with an inviting time worn glow.

Maintain your heirlooms in prime condition and validate your Lifetime Warranty by following our instructions for care below:

* Do use table pads with trivets and/or place-mats when utensils or dishes are extremely hot.
* Do use protective pads under clocks, telephones, radios, or any object placed on furniture.
* If you place glass on top of your furniture be sure to put small spacer buttons between the glass and wood surfaces

* Do lift objects carefully; do not drag them over the furniture's surface.
* Do use only a damp cloth to remove dirt and accumulated dust for daily cleanings and use only mild oil soap and water on occasional cleanings,
   along with oiling your furniture with Lemon Oil with Beeswax.
* Do apply Lemon Oil with Beeswax  two or three times each year to guarantee the most lustrous finish.
* Do not use detergents or chemical cleaners on your furniture, this may damage the finish.
* Do not drop the furniture.
* Do not use vinyl or plastic tablecloths on the furniture.
* Do not write on thin paper over the surface of the furniture without a protective pad or other protective buffers.
* Do not use polish remover, hair spray, or perfume near the furniture as this may damage the finish.
* Do not use products containing silicone on the furniture.
* Do not expose the furniture to extreme heat, cold, or humidity, which may cause wood to swell or warp.
* Do not leave the furniture wet with beads of water standing on the furniture.
* Do not place your funiture in direct sunlight.This will affect the color of your furniture. Natural cherry
   will age faster than any other wood.The more sunlight  that it is exposed to, the darker it will become.
Do not place your furniture in front of radiators, heat runs, wood-burning stoves, or fire places.
   Your furniture will respond to changes in humidity.  We recommend keeping your home's humidity between 25 and 35%.
   Solid lumber does not take kindly to excessively dry air. If furniture appears dry, polish with Lemon Oil Polish between applications of Lemon Oil Beeswax or Amish Wood Wax.
  All furniture care products are available through your local dealer

  Care Guide Brochure

Repairing Dents & Scratches

The most unique feature about the oil finish is that it is very easy to repair.  Should a dent or a scratch occur, simply use a damp cloth and apply it to the damaged area, then place a hot iron on top of  the cloth to steam the affected area.  This procedure will expand the wood and allow you to sand lightly  with the grain of the wood, using a 320 grade sand paper.   Reapply the oil to the repaired surface, restoring your furniture to its natural state.

Manasses Henry Furniture is designed to become Heirloom furniture of the future,
and with your help that's surely what they will become. We hope you enjoy the beauty that is Manasses Henry Furniture.




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